Notes To The Future

Model: _Lawbringer_
Writing & Photography: Valentina Gaia Lops

© 2019  Valentina Gaia Lops.  All rights reserved.

Since an early age we are placed non-consensually in a box of binary conceptions. A box we didn’t ask for that has been passed along from individual to individual like a generational running baton. Except we are not running in a pitch, but living, and guiding new generations. Breaking out from the box is an act of bravery and, most importantly, an act of self-care in a world where diversity and self-expression are still feared like the plague was. While we celebrate our advancement as a society, we shall not forget that we are still far from full liberation and we must persist in our quest for respect, equality and inclusion. Setting ourselves free from rigid societal constructs is undoubtedly a step closer to creating positive change: for as long as we’ll exist in a gender policing society, we’ll never truly be safe. Integrity to who we really are as human beings is of vital importance for our mental health. And, at times, integrity to oneself doesn’t conform to normative gender expressions. For some, integrity is found outside the binary box. As a community, we shouldn’t only tolerate and celebrate diversity, but actively rethink the concept of normativity and contribute to providing an inclusive and intersectional environment, celebrating diversity and fluidity of the human experience in all its forms.

We are a group of billions of individuals sharing a global co-working space. Our collective actions will mark the evolution of our society. Every day we are living notes to the future. Every day we can make a difference and partake in the building of a progressive world where the current and next generations won’t have to endure the horrifying consequence of gender colour coded ignorance.